EPIC EXTREME SPORTS BATTLE (Parkour vs Urban Downhill) 4K

EPIC EXTREME SPORTS BATTLE (Parkour vs Urban Downhill) 4K

EPIC EXTREME SPORTS BATTLE (Parkour vs Urban Downhill) 4K

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Parkour vs Downhill
Produced by 3RUN Media ltd


Parkour Production company based in the UK

3RUN are a World famous Parkour and Free Running team with over 10 years of experience. 3RUN Specialise in Parkour performances, film and TV, live shows and events.
3RUN Media produce commercial video content for online and TV.
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Music by Diskord. Track title: Release me

Special Thanks to Panasonic UK

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Enquiries contact@3run.co.uk

  1. All of the two sports are extreme but it’s more difficult Downhill in Urban, because this bikes are made only for mountain biking and parkour is an urban sport. This is why I choose that Downhill wins.
    And I did this two extreme sports

  2. In the end, free runners and free riders have plenty to brag about. A free runner can do a backflip on ground, a free rider can do a backflip on a bike. I’m sure a free runner cant do as much stuff on a mountain bike, and a free rider cant do as much stuff on the streets.

  3. Ist jemandem aufgefallen das der biker mal ne goldene und mal ne silberne gabel hat?😂

  4. Besides the thing being staged…..if the parkourist didnt do all those unecessary flips would have won by a lot

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