Adaptive Extreme Sports – Rock Climbing (Wheelchair user) (Paraplegic)

Adaptive Extreme Sports – Rock Climbing (Wheelchair user) (Paraplegic)

Adaptive Extreme Sports – Rock Climbing (Wheelchair user) (Paraplegic)

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  1. The other guy with 2 functioning legs doesn’t seem to be doing nearly as well as you! Great demonstration of your strength and agility!

  2. @swelguy Haha, actually the first time I went rock climbing I went up the wall much faster. I had a little bit of trouble at the beginning this time because there were a couple of holds missing. When I get about halfway up, I start going much faster.

  3. Fabulous job on your part and the guy next to you was not doing as well. Once again you have fantastic strength in your arms and it really does not show it when you are sitting down. Hope the remainder of you vacation is as interesting.

  4. It is funny that they guy next to you keeps falling. Of course I’d fall flat on my face so I shouldn’t talk.

  5. FINALLY!!!! Someone else in the chair who climbs!!!! I am so excited to see this. I am a paraplegic. I have been climbing for many years now and I haven’t found anyone else in a wheelchair who climbs. I have a regular abled-body climbing partner. I belay also. I even started to lead some beginner routes, until I fell last year and lost a few teeth.. LOL!!! I will put up my vid soon. Maybe we can collaborate!

  6. @ayehtunohn Oh yikes! Thankfully I haven’t had a fall while climbing yet. Pretty cool that you belay, too. I never even thought of trying that.

  7. Sorry to hear about your accident, but anyway that’s so cool that you don’t let your disability limit your experiences. I’m just curious how you lost a few teeth. Did you hit a hold on the way down? Hopefully they would stick-clip the first clip for you so you wouldn’t have to worry about hitting the ground. Just curious.

  8. Thank you for this video. My dad it’s para and we are looking for ways so he can climb a mountain in case of a mayor emergency. 🙂 You just gave me an idea. Thank you for that. I love my father more than anything in this world.

  9. Excellent video. Will watch more of yours

    Maybe you want to check out my channel and videos too.

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