Best Extreme Sports Video Ever

Best Extreme Sports Video Ever

Best Extreme Sports Video Ever

These are highlights from on of the biggest Extreme sport competitions in the world: the Outdoor Games.

Like every year the world elite in outdoor sports gathered at Interlaken, Switzerland, for the Outdoor Games 2007. Here are the best moments of what is an amazing freesports week in the swiss alps and one of the biggest outdoor multi-sport events in the world.

The best of the best in every sport! Really incredible stuff and amazing filming of the event…

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  1. after seeing this dan osman free soloing 400 feet in 4:25 minutes, this looks like kid games 🙁

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  3. I think Crystal Thune woud be a great host for your show!
    She is on facebook and linked in
    She is an avid sports junkie and has a masters from syracuse in broadcast journalism

  4. could’a watch more than a few seconds of it if there weren’t t something that looked like a watermark all over the middle of it. That’s ridiculous.

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  6. Great video! It isn’t as dangerous as most people think. If you know what you are doing awesome things are possible that look crazy to most people. Many people say the same thing about us exploring abandoned mines!

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