Dnb/Dubstep – Sport (Extreme Sport) (Go Pro) Mix N0v4Music 2011

Dnb/Dubstep – Sport (Extreme Sport) (Go Pro) Mix N0v4Music 2011

Dnb/Dubstep – Sport (Extreme Sport) (Go Pro) Mix N0v4Music 2011

Gosh, it took me like two days to render on my old laptop..

Mixing stuff is getting older right now.. hope you like it!
All credits to the owners!


Clips from Go Pro (be a hero Cam)


Songs :
00:00 Masters In France – Mad Hatter (Switch Fusion Remix)

02:59 Protiac – Collision Course

04:45 DevZ – Im Losing You

06:37 Chase & Status – Time (Memro Remix)

09:05 Blackmill – Lucid Truth

I do not own these epic songs, neither this epic videos. I totally respect the owners and all I do is spread their awezum shiz! πŸ˜€

N0V4Music 2011

  1. @sannel69 Thanks man! <3! was a new idea i got πŸ˜€ reason is to make the songs more entertaining to listen to when you can watch something chill too lol ^^ but took me 2 days to render lawl πŸ˜›

  2. @onlyZuppeh no, but i wish πŸ˜› in winter i am skiing too though.. i get better and better every year.. i love skiing lol πŸ˜€

  3. @Spasmodicstudios i could edit it so much better… but this is mostly about the music and not the video, not sure if people even watch the video ;P

  4. @Spasmodicstudios these clips are not mine, but Go pro’s x2 cam’s channel, they ware uploaded there, but sure you can download this vid :)!

  5. It was My old sucky Pc, and this vidio has more effects than you can see actually.. but now ive got my new pc.. this would have taken under an hour πŸ™‚ magic bullet looks r like some fkn evil time eaters xD!

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