Electric Skateboards on Hawaiian Extreme Sports TV- circle Oahu island tour off road esk8 action

Electric Skateboards on Hawaiian Extreme Sports TV- circle Oahu island tour off road esk8 action

Electric Skateboards on Hawaiian Extreme Sports TV- circle Oahu island tour off road esk8 action

This is it- in my humble opinion the best video segment made on electric skateboarding. Join the Bionic Wheels crew on a tour around Oahu with the Altered Electric skateboards, hitting some of our favorite e boarding terrain. Off road action- hitting berms, wiping out, eating dirt- that’s what it’s all about. Special thanks to Alex and Ken G from HXS for putting together this segment and letting me share it on You Tube. Sit back and check out what the buzz is all about. Aloha!

  1. I purchased both of the boards featured in this video. ProLine 600 V2 and M6 800 Green Machine. All of these videos on youtube and specs and features do not truly portray what the boards are capable of. The proline 600 V2 can NOT get up to 12 miles…unless you want to go a snail/turtle speed and avoid any rugged terrain and hills are a no no….so if you ride in a real world, it will only take you 6-7 miles TOPS….I am going to shoot a full REAL video review of these boards and capability soon

  2. @Drakarn oh and the weight is a HUGE issue for me…these boards are SO HEAVY!! its incredibly hard to carry around and pick them up. I mean they ARE fun…but too many side effects. The one thats the worst is the pistol controller disconnect. I was riding one time 6 miles to work and the pistol disconnected at least 8 times and i had to replace batteries and wait to connect back every time….annoying! but also when it disconnects DO NOT pull the trigger because,it will start braking right away

  3. @Drakarn AND if you pull it, the connection is broken but for some reason sometimes it goes thru for a second and your board takes off FULL SPEED….i fell so many times off it while commuting because of that GLITCH…and my board kept going full speed into traffic and hit a taxi, the driver was furious and my board went full speed into live traffic hitting a divider and flying n flipping through air…ive tested it and its the wireless remote glitch…so NEVER pull trigger if it starts braking

  4. by the way…the Offroad board M6 800, I was only able to take it up to 3-4 miles TOPS with a decent speed(which is fun and not boring), and only about 5 miles TOPS with speed you have to control and take it easy on hills and some flats so the battery wont die….they say 8-12 miles range on website….bullshit. those are if you want to go 4-5 mph….but hey, still fun. just saying, people need to know the real deal.

  5. @Drakarn typicial parks i rode at are over 5 miles in radial range…how are you supposed to carry a heavy ass 70 lbs board if it dies on you 2 miles away from your car?….no way!

  6. now juss make the top a solar panel….. maybe make it last a bit longer… i realize it would get damaged very quickly but i uno just en idea..

  7. here’s an idea. put a solar panel with the same shape of the board on top of the board with a wire connecting to the charge port. 😀

  8. Traffic around Honolulu is horrible. It would be cool to see them ride the streets there. If promoting electric vehicles it the goal.

  9. dont get it! what is the need for an electric skateboard!!?!! just use ur legs!
    like getting a bike and strapping engine to it…whats the point?! :/

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