Extreme Sport Fishing

Extreme Sport Fishing

Extreme Sport Fishing

New extreme sport of dive fishing created by islanders in the Pacific. It requires athleticism for the jump hand eye coordination to spear the fish that isn’t where you think it is because of light refraction.

We’ve all seen spear fishing and we’ve all seen cliff diving. In the Loyalty islands, a French Territory in the Pacific, the natives have come up with a hybrid, dive fishing. Practiced by a native culture whose diet consists almost exclusively of seafood dive fishing affords the fisherman a great vantage point to spot large fish and gives them the element of surprise for their attack. With dive fishing the first thing that enters the water is the spear so fish never know what’s coming.

Dive fishing not only requires great athleticism and hand eye coordination, it requires an understanding of optical refraction. Refraction causes the light to bend when it enters the water making the fish seem higher in the water then they actually are so the fisherman has to adjust his strike. Once mastered it is a great way to get some food and spend the day in this breath taking pacific paradise.

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  1. There should be a law to punish all people who fish for sport by throwing them into ocean full of sharks and make sure they are fed.

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