Extreme Sports (Calisthenics Style) [pt 6]

Extreme Sports (Calisthenics Style) [pt 6]

Extreme Sports (Calisthenics Style) [pt 6]

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Footage of B-Rock, D.O.C., & Phorm from summer 09, look for The Evolution of Exercise DVD mix tape (BROOKLYN EDITION)!!!

  1. @RafaelloCraiova ehm last time he told me he was 22, but i can’t believe that he’s almost gonna turn 24 lol, time goes to fast!

  2. pHORM, D.O.C., I’m begging you, please give up the names of all these tracks in this vid, I beg of thee, lol.

  3. dudes obviously couldnt cut it for the national gymnastic squad. now they have to work out on playgrounds for people walking by. sad.

  4. great job guys…would like to know which park in bk can i go to learn some of those move with some experience guys like u guys

  5. @jhnwaddell This is calisthenics taken to another level … although some of the moves are similar to those of a Gymnast … the transitions & preparations are very unalike … but , just as any sport , recreation or skill it’s constantly evolving …

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