Extreme Sports (Calisthenics Style) [watch in high quality]

Extreme Sports  (Calisthenics Style) [watch in high quality]

Extreme Sports (Calisthenics Style) [watch in high quality]

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Look out for the DVD coming soon……

  1. some park by coney island….. we saw the parallel pull-up bar and had to try it out. I’m definitely going to come thru to highland park a few times before the summer is out

  2. The Giant almost stuck into the Bars, after finishing his push-ups. Oh, wait. I think he would have bend them apart without noticing it 🙂 Awesome Stuff Guys.

  3. yea you´re absolutely right.
    But its interesting to see the whole, i mean routine, diet and another habits.
    We can all learn from each other.
    I love all kinds of training.
    I want to bulk up, not to much but like 15-20 pounds. But i don´t want to be to heavy.
    Functionality is much more important than size. A name to remember “Rosstraining”.
    But i like these guys (bartendaz, calisthenics kingz, harlem seals) cause they are unique in what they are doing. And thats something special

  4. well, not bad, dear abonnent, but keep your deltroid up, learn planches, taht you can press your body up to handstand, but your trizeps an biceps are very good!!!

  5. thats a good idea using playground stuff like that to get true muscle workouts.. im going to do that now.

  6. Doing dips in a leaning-over position with your legs tucked up. Best on parallel bars that begin wide then slowly move closer together too, so that you can do the dips with wide and narrow hand grip for variation on tricep and chest intensity.

  7. I sense nothing but jealousy and hate in your words. You should use your energy more constructively and do some pushups and pullups and maybe you’ll get the inner functional strength and stamina that these specimens exhibit.

  8. do you guys worry about your nutrition at all or do u guys just eat whatever you guys have at the moment?

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