Extreme Sports Compilation – Of The Year 2014/2015!

Extreme Sports Compilation – Of The Year 2014/2015!

Extreme Sports Compilation – Of The Year 2014/2015!

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People are awesome. Extreme Sports Compilation Videos
Basejump, Skydiving, Motorcycle Racing, Snowboarding

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  2. Phantastic video. ?

    Would be awesome if you want to look into my videos and channel as well.

  3. Don’t listen to anything this motherfucker plays. He’s a woman user….does whatever he needs to do to advance himself and he’s not very good at it. Mid 50’s and has nothing…survives on the wings of women who fall for his (rapidly failing) good looks and sweet words. He’s a false facade. Women beware! And guard your band accounts! He’ll rob you blind!

  4. Great video! It isn’t as dangerous as most people think. If you know what you are doing awesome things are possible that look crazy to most people. Many people say the same thing about us exploring abandoned mines!

  5. Most of the compilation is excellent footage but why throw in party scenes and drinking and models–are those extreme sports too? lol Stick to the athletics and then I can show my high school classes these great videos. When you throw in junk (times 3:14 and 2:25-2:45), it makes the whole film obsolete, for me at least. Thanks!

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