Extreme Sports Dangerous Car – (Official video)

Extreme Sports Dangerous Car – (Official video)

Extreme Sports Dangerous Car – (Official video)

Extreme Sports Dangerous Car

  1. Easy enough to determine if it is fake: check out the smoke from the tires at 0:15 as it’s going back down. Instead of rising toward the top of the “wall”, the smoke rises from the “bottom” of the car up.
    Smoke would rise to the top of the “wall”

  2. very nice video! thumbs up. -but if you think it’s real, you still play with hot wheels, or you drive a hyundai ^^

  3. Ops! When the car is at the highest point of the loop, and only then, two other vehicles appear next to the left ramp!!!

  4. at 0:14 what up with the cars in the lower right corner with all 4 wheels on the wall too. I hope somebody does this. It would be awesome. They did the loop right?

  5. For those of you wondering why this doesn’t look real… The angle of the car when it’s on the loop from the camera’s perspective is slightly off and the tire smoke doesn’t react to the light as real smoke does.

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