Extreme Sports Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Style

Extreme Sports Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Style

Extreme Sports Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Style

Link does more than shred just enemies in this rad Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild gameplay! Tubular. Sick. Look, it’s just really cool.

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  1. meh, I wish I had more time to actually make a video like this . BotW’s got so much potential for “extreme sports” compilations lol.

    You guys need to get to the Tingle Island (and the other 3 named after his bros) and try surfing over one of those huge wooden ledges connecting the island to one another. Preferably in the rain ….preferably when a flying guardian is flying over it so you can nuke it down in the process! Now that’s extreme sports.

  2. 6,000th Thousand Liker And I Love Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild But I Can’t Play Is Because I Can Only Buy One Console By The End Of The Year Which is a PS4 Pro And The Reason Is I Never Have a Console In This Gen So Please Help Me Decided If I Should I Buy The Switch Or The Pro.

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