Hero Xtreme Sports BS-4 FIRST RIDE REVIEW |all aspects covered!!

Hero Xtreme Sports BS-4 FIRST RIDE REVIEW |all aspects covered!!

Hero Xtreme Sports BS-4 FIRST RIDE REVIEW |all aspects covered!!

I have given the first ride review where I shared my nice experience with this bike. I covered the aspects like handling, comfort, ergonomics, pickup, performance, style, features, mileage and lots more.
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  1. make a real video on hero Xtreme sport bike disadvantage 2017 with bs 4 and hero Xtreme sport have a ABS please

  2. sir i m using hero xtreme sports 2017 model which engine oil is good for my bike can i use 300v 10w40 motul engine oil

  3. Ye bike 15.6 bhp degi aur xtreme 200 17.5 bhp kitna bekar lagta hai agar itni hi power deni thi to 180 cc me late kam se kam xtreme brand to kharab na hota

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