Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports (2018) – first ride | BikeSocial

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports (2018) – first ride | BikeSocial

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports (2018) – first ride | BikeSocial

The new Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports is the bigger, tougher, taller version of the already highly competent Africa Twin and BikeSocial was in Spain at the press riding launch.

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  1. How do you like the updated gauge cluster as opposed to the 16-17 one?  I guess the new one is brighter so its easier to read?

  2. I hope I never see any dust on mine ahahahahah 😀 I’m suprised by no cruise control too. Not that I care but the people who buy DCT will be crying over no Cruise. They’ll also want heated seat, heated air and a massive cotton ball to be wrapped up in!

  3. Nice review 🙂
    You wrote: “revised and longer travel suspension with new compression and rebound settings, which are still adjustable. For me this is the most important upgrade over the 2015 Africa Twin because of its quality with a classy, plush not-to-soft feel particularly at the front via the 45mm Showa USD forks”. That caught my attention !
    I ride a 1190R but love the looks of the new AT Adv Sports and it’s simplicity. I ride light off road but 90% of the time two up with luggage, so kind of concerned about the reviews of the AT standard where the words “under sprung” and “under dampened” arise from time to time.
    Can you comment a bit more about the new suspension? Thanks!

  4. Lots of people are quick to mention all of the “added weight” from the larger fuel tank. It’s like a duffle bag, the weight depends of how much I fill it up. So, if its a 6 gallon tank and I decide to put 4 gallons in it then it’s really not that much more weight now is it. I have the option of filling it up all the way if I need more range (this is common sense). I just don’t see how it can feel more heavy with a larger tank if it has the same amount of fuel in it. Sure there is a pound or so more material from the tank being bigger but come on. Just like when I used to drag race, I didn’t fill the tank cause of the weight. Also, the battery is lighter in the 2018. Why are there so many negative comments about the tank size and weight?

  5. Fantastic. Honda did a great job on the first one… those one knocks it out of the park. Absolutely ideal for my needs. Now to find out when dealers will start taking orders…

  6. The seat height is adjustable on the Africa Twins. 920 mm is high position. The low position is 900 mm. Which is still waaay too tall for most of the riders. Adventure Sports is only 2 cm taller in the suspensions and ground clearance than than standard version Africa Twin, but seat height is a whole 5 cm taller, which is stupid.

  7. Really dont know for who this bike is. Honda made it heavier and taller, which does not make any sence for a dual sport bike, orientated more for the dirt, and you say that for a city or daily commute is better the previews regular Africa Twin, then I do not really see where is this going. What about picking it up from a flat ground with that 24.2L tank full? In my opinion it totally contradicts itself.

  8. How is the suspension? Reason I ask is that the suspension in the 2016 version is absolute shit. I replaced the springs front and back a year ago due to constant bottoming out and am about to do it all over again this time addressing the high rebound issues in the rear. I do ride her hard off-road though.

  9. Thank you for taking the time in making this brief video, you are the only British journalist to bother making a YouTube video on the African Twin Adventure Sport. ? There seems to absolutely loads of videos on this bike, but yours as far as I know, is the only English speaking one. British motorcycle journalists just don’t seem care, I guess they can’t be bothered! ?

  10. To heavy! 243kg/536pounds. And that’s after Honda fitted a lithium-ion battery and managed to reduce the weight on the adventure with 2,3kg/5.1pounds.

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