Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports | First Ride |

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports | First Ride |

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports | First Ride |

The overnight snow has thankfully disappeared and the sunshine is out, and there’s a satisfying bark from the exhaust on Honda’s new flagship as we ascend one of the many twisty mountain roads that dominate this area of southern Spain.

A new model designed to sit alongside the stock Africa Twin, the Africa Twin Adventure Sports has more of an off-road bias, but also the ability to eat up miles like never before. Read more here:

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  1. So under powered road bike with no electronics but good off road, got it. Honda as usual taken eyes well off the ball, well done

  2. 7:20 the exact problem with this bike. If it had 15% more power it would pretty much be the ideal bike.

  3. I dont get it… It sounds like almost every new feature u mentioned makes it worse… Higher seat, more bulky, ride by wire. Id rather have a less bulky easier to put a foot down and standard throttle!

  4. Great, straightforward review. When the presenter is good the production does not need to be fancy.

  5. Why would anyone buy a Ducati. KTM or triumph, bmw over this when there all £20k. And this is only £12.5k

  6. They should of changed the cheapo foot pegs, added cruise control, made the fuel tank plastic spread under the seats and have a better pillion seat

  7. They should of changed the cheapo foot pegs, added cruise control, made the fuel tank plastic spread under the seats and have a better pillion seat

  8. Which of these changes has been added to the 2018 ‘standard’ AT? I assume more than just ride by wire – better suspension if not the extra travel?

  9. Good quality video! Always keep doing excellent content and you can expect to increase fast! Subscribe to our channel and then we are going to subscribe to you!

  10. These look good for you live in Africa, but not so much if you live in Birmingham. I fancied one for my rural retreat in Thailand but too big and heavy.

  11. Great review ! I’m so tempted for one of these over a GSA. Would really help if you could say the height of the rider in the reviews.

  12. I hear comments about how important is a bike to have cruise control.where are you riding all you people?in the desert of Nevada?after all this bike is more off than on.Where are u going to use it stupid u?besides that are u having problems on the wrist?I disgusted the same complaints on every youtube video concerns any bike on any category.

  13. Schaaf from Austria almost got killed losing the front end on the road at speed, so be careful on the road and stay within the limits of that front tire. But I really like the bike overall. Fantastic machine. Terrible roads in NE USA and the suspension is great.

  14. Superb review. ? Covered the technical changes, covered the ride experience. I think the reviewer nailed it with his summary: it’s not a groundbreaking bike. It’s not a bike of superlatives. It IS an excellent all-rounder for the vast majority of long-distance ADV rider needs.

    Pretty much settled that this will be my next motorcycle. I live in a rural area miles down a dirt road, and I have a long commute on winding mountain highway with less-than-perfect pavement. Plus lots of miles of backroads and forest to explore. I have a Cagiva Gran Canyon which is markedly similar to the AT and is ideal out here… but it has become an “old Italian project” more than a useful vehicle.

    As far as this updated Africa Twin Adventure Sports, I might need two: one for home in the United States, and one to explore the Philippines with when I head down that way for a couple years of work… I have an opportunity to grow professionally there that is too good to pass up. The northern island of Luzon is quite large, with many miles of poor and broken rural roads to get back into some beautiful landscapes. Good fuel range and a flexible, capable chassis make the AT Adv Sports the perfect motorcycle. Plus it’s a Honda… reliable, and easy to find service when you do need it.

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