TOP 10 Most XTreme Sports

TOP 10 Most XTreme Sports

TOP 10 Most XTreme Sports

Wingsuit Proximity Flying, Big Wave Surfing, Big Mountain Skiing & More on this Top 10 countdown of the Most Extreme Sports! Subscribe here for daily X-Treme Videos:

As Extreme Sports Lovers We Want To Live Fast. Today We Give You a Top 10 Most Extreme Sports, For All The Thrill Seekers. Push Your Limits and Share With Us Your Best Xtreme Experiences!!! Enjoy & feel free to send us your own footage if you’ve filmed something awesome. (

00 :03 | 10 Mountain Bike Double Backflip By Nine Knights
00 :13 | 9 Big Air Kitesurfing By Tom Court
00 :32 | 8 BMX Bangers By Ryys
00 :49 | 7 Kayak Waterfall By Maxime Mitaut
01 :08 | 6 FMX By Julien Chat & Vincent Saccomani
01 :31 | 5 Big Mountain Skiig By Julien Lopez
01 :56 | 4 Cliff Base Jumping By Douggs
02 :20 | 3 Big Wave Surf By Helio Valentim
02 :40 | 2 Ski Base Jump By Marshall Miller
03 :05 |1 WIngsuit Proximity Flying with Jokke

Music :

Sk8park — Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry KT196/UNIPPM
Destination Man – David DeMarco, Steven Stern, Stuart Hart SLAM027/UNIPPM

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  1. I think powered acro paragliding with a paramotor should have been in this video as we are capable of puling some serious tricks in the air and G forces enough to knock you right out! Flying and owning your own back pack aircraft is the ultimate freedom!

  2. New sub here! I’ve watched a few of your videos in the past and I don’t know why I didn’t subscribe back then. I’ve found a few of my favorite videos through your videos. Thanks a ton. 

  3. 1 – Motorcycle Road Racing – IOM TT – NW200 etc.
    2 – Base Jumping – WPF – Ski Base – Big Walls etc.
    3 – Skydiving
    4 – Big Wave Surfing
    5 – Big Mountain Skiing + Snowboarding
    6 – FMX
    7 – DH,MTB
    8 – SpeedFlying.
    9 – Slacklining
    10 – got to 8 and struggled. but i think the Nitro Circus Crew should get a mention 🙂

  4. Great video! It isn’t as dangerous as most people think. If you know what you are doing awesome things are possible that look crazy to most people. Many people say the same thing about us exploring abandoned mines!

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