Top 5 Adventure Sports in Goa, India – 2016 | Touring Travellers

Top 5 Adventure Sports in Goa, India – 2016 | Touring Travellers

Top 5 Adventure Sports in Goa, India – 2016 | Touring Travellers

Top 5 adventure activities in Goa. From Scuba Diving to Parasailing to Paragliding, you have too many to try in your next trip.
Paragliding in Goa –

Delhi to GOA road Trip – FULL TRAVELOGUE Coming soon
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  1. Hey man.. thank you so much for yor effort in this video..

    I’m asking regard the package and the paragliding.. is the price in Indian rupees? or in dollars

    also if i hold a open water scuba diving license.. how much do you think it will cost me for just diving?

    thank you buddy

  2. Can i know which travel agency is providing the package for just 1800 IC???for those four adventures.will that be valid for all seasons?

  3. what will be the price of package containing four activities Jet Skiing, Para Sailing, Banana & Bumper ride and paragliding and also share the name of vendor for these activities.

  4. bro Thanx a lot for sharing ur experience… really ur videos are inspiring me 🙂 one thing more did u manage to take videos by urself… u prefer mob. or camera …or is it waterproof..cuz in one video u were in beach when waves struck u …so plz tel me

  5. hey , great video, i going to goa after 2 weeks ,and it’s my first time visiting india , does the packages still available ? and if i took the package do i have to do 4 sports at the same day ?

  6. Hey Man, Thanks For Sharing detail.
    I m planning to visit Goa But for Scuba diving i want to ask a question that, Scuba diving team told me the time for morning 7to noon 2pm including training session(i want to clarify I dnt know how to swim).
    So in that case what I have to do…Because I love scuba diving.

  7. me and my friends (5 in total) are planning to visit goa with a budget of 15000 per person from delhi … so can you tell us the whole plan of travelling goa including all sports activities ( scuba diving if possible ) with the name of the hotel to stay in as per the budget having the best location for water sports activities ? reply asap .

  8. am going to visit goa in next month.does parasliding and paragliding available in July month

  9. Hi,
    Can you mention name and contact number of some local vendor….i am planning to visit the place in 2-3 days

  10. hey man that’s too costly I did scuba diving in Andaman and nicobar islands for2500 with photos and vedios in one day

  11. hi i will be in goa by 2nd april 2018 is it good for water sports and how is whether going to be

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