Top 5 Adventure Sports in Rishikesh – 2016 | Touring Travellers

Top 5 Adventure Sports in Rishikesh – 2016 | Touring Travellers

Top 5 Adventure Sports in Rishikesh – 2016 | Touring Travellers

River Rafting in Rishikesh is the most famous Adventure Sports in Rishikesh but there are 4 other activities which you can experience in Rishikesh like Bungee Jumping, Air Safari, Waterfall Rappelling and Zip Lining. Click to share it with your Friends –

Hope you like the video, let me know if you want to know the details of a particular sport.


For Bungee Jumping, Swing and Flying Fox –
For Air Safari –
For Zip Lining and River Rafting – There are many people who provide these services in Rishikesh. Once you reach rishikesh main market, you would see a lot of vendors. NEGOTIATE and finalize the best deal. Let me know If you want to know about a particular vendor. 🙂

If you have any question about RISHIKESH or any other place, Write it in the comments and I would reply you back ASAP 🙂



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  1. That’s quite an #adventure. #WaterRepelling sounds like thunder !!! Looking forward for more videos!!! Keep the adventure going 🙂

  2. Wow Rohit……..amazing information u’ve collected, will definitely give them a try…
    Good collection of videos..keep posting dude:)

  3. Hi your video was helpful. I am coming to rishikesh on sep23. I would like to take your assistance. Can you help me with booking sort of things. I would like to do all of them which is mentioned in the video. Your guidance would be of great help.

  4. hi, we every year we goa with 10k budget , we nearly 7 to 8 people from mumbai all are students .. but this time thinking for something different and intresting and adventurous , please suggest us

  5. Hi I am visiting rishikesh on 8 june and planning on raftingAlso heard from u about waterfall rappling can u tell the office who conducts this activity as it would be gr8

  6. Splendid…For The content of the video i will give a 6/10, because the information about the charges are inaccurate, but the explanation of the adventure sports are good. for your way out to reach the audience, I will give you a 9/10.

  7. hi
    i also wanted to know is it safe to go from rishikesh to mussorrie on a two wheeler in jun7/8 as rains may happen
    and things to do in mussorrie as i have one day

  8. this video is really very much helpful and i hope u keep these type of video release so ppl like me can take help from this to plan trips in india.

    thanks man

  9. Hi very helpful video
    Please let me know who many days to plan this trip
    We are planning for 3days trip
    And also please suggest us best wildlife safaris trips
    Thank you

  10. Hey TouringTravellers,
    Does month of june is the right month to visit rishikesh and do all these water sports?
    And does the water level is good enough to do river rafting in the hot month of june?

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