What is Ubisoft’s Extreme Sports Game Steep? – IGN Access

What is Ubisoft’s Extreme Sports Game Steep? – IGN Access

What is Ubisoft’s Extreme Sports Game Steep? – IGN Access

Ubisoft revealed it’s unique extreme sports game at E3 2016 but what makes it so different from games of its kind? We had one of the devs give us that answer.
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  1. Okay I pretty much always hate when people complain about graphics and use tired jokes like “When is this coming out for PS2?” But seriously…That frame rate is not great and aside from the character models everything else looks super flat and pretty bland..Like the last SSX (great game) looks better than this..How far along is this game? Hopefully they will polish it up more before release cause even my favorite snowboarding game of all time, 1080 Avalanche on the GameCube still looks pretty good today. Especially emulated on my computer. The social features of this kind of remind me if Shaun White Snowboarding for the PS3 and 360. Not the Wii version though that one is my fav. Hope we can throw snowballs at each other like in that game.

  2. ubisoft is known for showing unbelievable demos of their games and then releasing some average game….idk how bad this will be when the gameplay looks this bad in the demo…like seriously, 1080 snowboarding on n64 had better snowboard physics than this

  3. 1:05 – 1:10 really? this is next gen gameplay and physics? if we stopped producing new consoles after the first xbox i think we’d be better off

  4. someone’s gotta wake up and see that skate 4 is what the world wants. Steep seems fun but I dont think that fun will last too long

  5. Looks really nice but my luck id fart and find more interest in that and how bad its going to smell.

  6. With this graphics – i have hope that this game gets vr support vor playstation vr….

    It looks good, but not “very” good. It looks just like they saved some power for vr…

    I hope so… cause this game screams for vr and if it will not get supportet at least on pc – its because the consoles dont have enough power and they dont want to piss of ps4/xbox owners. Maybe they patch it in after the release for pc.

  7. I thought people would have learned by now that every Ubisoft game that comes out now looks awesome at E3 and then absolutely blows when it comes out.

  8. Looks like a sequel to skate 3 on the snow.
    I like it 🙂
    But I think it should have a city so we can mess around

  9. Guys. Please play the game Snow. It is free and early acces on steam and id you like skiing and snowboarding you need dis in ur

  10. Sure.. Sure Ubisoft/EA, just ignore the relentless requests for a skate sequel and give us this. No problem.

  11. SSX (2012) was one of the best extreme sports game I have played and I play it to this day. I sure this game will not be online-only and will have some of the features SSX had.

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