Why Are We Addicted To Extreme Sports?

Why Are We Addicted To Extreme Sports?

Why Are We Addicted To Extreme Sports?

Extreme sports seem to be on the rise across the globe. Why do these individuals risk their lives for a thrill?

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Too Much Exercise Can Be Bad for the Heart
“Exercise is generally great for health, but extreme forms of it may be bad for the heart in some cases, experts say.”

Extreme sports are more popular than ever, prompting questions about legal liability
“Last year in West Virginia, 28-year-old Avishek Sengupta was running the Tough Mudder, a grueling 10-plus-mile race littered with merciless obstacles that take participants over blazing pits of fire, through dark trenches and into pools of water laced with electrical wires that deliver 10,000 volts.”

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  1. Sorry +Trace Dominguez , but I have to disagree with your final comments about Dean Potter. Let’s say he’s telling people to try new things, and that’s great. But it would also seem that he’s glamorizing his lifestyle choices and it’s actually encouraging other people to do the same. If I have kids (or other adult loved ones who never really grew up) and they saw a man who just did extreme sports saying “this is the greatest feeling ever,” wouldn’t they be encouraged to try something that dangerous?

    I think extreme sports addicts should be treated like drug addicts – that is, they should be encouraged to seek psychological treatment. And I think extreme sports videos should have a mature rating and should not be shown to people below 18.

  2. Interesting that you mentioned that people should go out, to their national parks, instead of just nature… Why not just go out into any forest instead of particularly a national park?

  3. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of Flight, even if just for a few second, even knowing you can’t actually fly, but being in the air, no worries, nothing holding you back except your mind, being completely free from everything, is amazing. That’s parkour. There’s nothing quite like it.

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