Women’s Extreme Sport – top 20

Women’s Extreme Sport – top 20

Women’s Extreme Sport – top 20

Maybe you already saw this? This “Best female KO’s ever” is new version with three changes. Video about women power contain Top 20 female KO’s ever from boxing, MMA and kickboxing.

Hope you will enjoy in TOP 20 female KO’s ever video and female power!
Do you know some other great female knockouts?

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To Build A Home (Kopa Remix)

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  1. I have been watching a few of your videos. I am a fan and I hope this isn’t rude to suggest. May I request adding the weight class, please?

  2. women want to be equal, in everything, that ‘s a good evolution, but for me there’s no difference in gender, that means, so called feminist groups, want equality but in so called combat fights, they try to stop it, …the hypocrisy of die hard feminist , who hate men, with a passion, and want to control men, or society

  3. I thought girls do dishes , make beds and feed the kids ? I just got back from the deep forests of the Congo after many years and none of this have i seen there.

  4. Some of these refs need jail sentences for allowing the murders to happen. For fuck sake….On another note this kick was some shawn michaels shit LMAOOOO 6:39

  5. I love how Ann Wolfe stops pretending she’s a human when she wins “ somebody give her a banana “? ??

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