10 Craziest Extreme Sports That Are Illegal!

10 Craziest Extreme Sports That Are Illegal!

10 Craziest Extreme Sports That Are Illegal!

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  1. I love your channel Matt! Been subscribed for years! You among a few others gave me the inspiration / confidence to start my own channel, so thank you very much. Appreciate you ?❤

  2. I loved the first photo shown for elevator surfing. It showed actual surfing. I’m thinking it was a great photo shop picture, but having the whitecaps looking like a sharks open mouth, was great!

  3. Ya forgot to mention that in order to be a real BASE jumper, you need to jump off of four different things: Buildings, Antennas, Spanning structures, and Earth formations.

  4. Slacklining? should be called be Splatlining due to what the fact your pavement pizza if it goes wrong…

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