DEADLY CRASHES – Extreme Crash Tests – Accident Car 2018

DEADLY CRASHES – Extreme Crash Tests – Accident Car 2018

DEADLY CRASHES – Extreme Crash Tests – Accident Car 2018

Sport Estremi – Extreme Sports – Outdoor, Mountain Bike, Trekking Alpinismo, Neve dove sciare o fare snowboard, Mare : Pesca sub , surf –

Neve – Mare – Outdoor – Mtb – Camping – Meteo : Tutti gli ingredienti per sciare o fare snowboard, pesca sub o sport estremi.

Super Cars e Motor Racing : Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche e tutte le migliori Auto da pista e da fuoristrada. Offroad 4×4 e drift on the track….adrenalina pura !

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  1. What are Toyota spending all their money on then. It sure as shit isn’t exciting cars or engine designs, with the 86 being the exception in regards to it’s chassis.

  2. In the past, 150K Miles was ready for scrap for most vehicles. Now 150K is routine and barely middle aged…

  3. What a waste of a Bel Air, it looked as if it was in excellent condition. Yes, I know that you would end up dead in an old car, but come on!

  4. Older cars don’t smash like that that’s a replica because trust me old Metal cars can kill people because everything stay in tech u can see how that car just smashed like that that shit ain’t metal

  5. Lol you can clearly see missing bolts and shit on the bel air, which was also lowered, because the ride height was never that low from factory. They’re full of shit on that one.

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