Extreme Sports PC Game

Extreme Sports PC Game

Extreme Sports PC Game

A PC version of a very good game that was also available for the dreamcast console under the “Sega Extreme Sports” title. It uses the same engine that was developed for Project I.G.I. game. Which can handle extremely big maps.

  1. you wanna know something weird. here in sweden the game was distributed in a clothes shop named KappAhl and the game was renamed to “Off-piste with extreme sports” and when you start the game they still announce “EXTREME SPORTS!”. man i’ve been looking for this game and they mislead me with that shitty title.

  2. @lsnderick
    its a pc version???
    i cant find a link to download this.
    can you give the link where you downloaded this plsssss

  3. I have been playing this game a lot recently, but i can’t seem to find the Bonus item in the first stage in the extreme championship 🙁 ‘

  4. Does anybody here now where the bonus item in Himalaya extreme is, i’ve been looking for it for years and i can’t seem to find it, if anybody knows, it would be greatly appreciated

  5. Ребят, это же ностальгия, лето 2004, мне 14 лет, я задротил как мог, с моими любимыми Рагой и Ниной где я только не покатался, как же хорошо и легко было в детстве.

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