Extreme Swinging | Kiiking | Trans World Sport

Extreme Swinging | Kiiking | Trans World Sport

Extreme Swinging | Kiiking | Trans World Sport

Kiiking is an extreme form of Estonian swinging that has developed into a sport. Some of the footage of the mad swingers we filmed might make you feel a bit queasy!

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  1. 6:42
    She wants to _sell_ lots of her unique swings.
    And, she says that it was invented there; her “dream come true” would be the riches from the sales of the swing device.
    Not very sporting !
    Note: aparently the womans comment has been badly interpreted and in Real life the woman is said to be wishing to share the sport with other people, rather than expanding the sport in any commercial way in particular.
    Thank you Oliver Raus.


  2. They should establish a governing body both domestically and internationally to promote this sport and organize competitions. 

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