Most Extreme Sport In the World

Most Extreme Sport In the World

Most Extreme Sport In the World

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  1. well yeah, but it would still be a fun episode. they did this with a dummy of a small girl, but doing it large scale would be awesome.

  2. if the board could actually take the force of the weight hitting it, it would instantly put the guys feet through his head,

    but still mythbusters needs to do this. – even though the skydiver falling onto a teetertotter is pretty much the same thing

  3. Ya cannot change the lawws of physics, Jim.

    The amount of force brought down by the weight would disjoint the person at the hips, causing the leg bones to impale the would-be parachuter through the chest. It’s the same principle as when someone jumps from a three story building and lands on his/her feet.

  4. Actually you don’t need to figure all that out.
    All you have to do is work backward from “If anyone had fallen 50 meters and stopped as quickly as he started the g-forces of deceleration would kill him.”
    Therefore going from zero to “Fast-enough-to-throw-him-50-meters-high” in a fraction of a second would kill him with the g forces of acceleration.

  5. it seems fake…. i say get the mythbusters to test it out! unless they already have and i haven’t seen that episode

  6. Spine would be broken caused by the enormous sudden G force. But, if this guy is Wolverine, yeah, i buy it.

  7. definitely fake, but still super cool amiright? next step in extreme sports: adding parachutes to insane shit!

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