New Extreme Sport: Unicycle

New Extreme Sport: Unicycle

New Extreme Sport: Unicycle

  1. @Simon Miller I bought my first one at a grocery store haha, moving up to a custom built now 🙂 enjoy your unicycle

  2. the beginning made me laugh because people where I live say the same shit when they see me unicycling. ;P

  3. his point was that nearly all of it has been done though, unicycling has only recently caught on in terms of like street tricks and shit.

  4. They said its going to be better than skateboarding? Then I can’t wait for unicycling to be on the next XGames lol

  5. Check out pretty good channel christion huriwai street unicycling he does uge gaps grinds insane spins and flips and then you will be inpressed

  6. I am about 14 and I have been riding for 4 years now and it’s funny how much attention you get

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