Dressing Rad On The Golf Course

Dressing Rad On The Golf Course

Taking Your Radical Wardrobe Out On The Greens in Style

Nowadays, just as many business deals are “done” on the golf course as they are in the boardroom. While golf may not be your game, dressing to impress on the golf course is not nearly as challenging as the 16th hole at Cypress Point. And even if your golf game is on par with Tiger Woods’, but there’s nothing to keep you from dressing like you own the course.

Golf’s history goes back many centuries, and it is considered a game of refinement and tradition. Showing up to play golf in jean shorts and a t-shirt is strictly verboten; and don’t even try to wear sweat pants! Like many other sports, golf has its own uniform, and while these uniforms don’t match other players’, the guidelines for golf apparel are stringently followed, especially at the more exclusive clubs. Golf is also an expensive sport, and its clothing costs mirror that sentiment. The thing about womens golf clothes though, is that radical chicks like Josie Millard are tearing up the streets and raps in girls golf clothes.

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Conservative dress is the name of the game on a golf course, for both men and women. Pro shops at golf courses generally have some attire in case you are ill-equipped or you have somehow forgotten something. Most department stores feature a small golf section, as do several sporting goods stores. There are many online golf stores, but if it is your first time selecting golf clothes, you may want to try them on first. Depending upon the course you are going to play, you may have to stay with basic colors and styles; however, if you are truly looking to make a statement, there are several brands that really stand out on the course. For instance, Loudmouth is a golf brand that features bright colors and wild designs—think John Daly golfing attire—but it really creates an impression. When considering wearing clothes for golf, if you can get away with adding flair and color, you will want to find something that stands out on green grass. If you’re golfing with dignitaries or meeting your fiancée’s father for the first time, you may want to skip the brazen designs and adopt a more conservative clothing style. You will also want to consider which course you are playing—a public course is less likely to enforce dress code rules than an exclusive private course. The more expensive the club, the more stringent the dress code. Checking with the course in advance will save you the embarrassment of not having the proper attire or having to run to the pro shop to pick up new garments.

Most men are safe wearing the traditional collared polo shirts, khaki pants or tailored golf shorts that are wrinkle resistant. The materials should be breathable, and moisture wicking, since it can get hot on the course, and should provide enough freedom to move well. A general rule of thumb is to be comfortable while being presentable and stylish. You can’t go wrong with traditional colors like navy blue, white or tan shorts or long pants. Many golfers opt for sweater vests or windbreakers depending upon the weather.  Overall, a preppy look is one that will suffice on a golf course. Generally, golfers don’t look sloppy or disheveled; looking the part may be one key to success on the course. (An excellent short game won’t hurt either!)

Ladies have their look on the course as well. Women can opt for khakis, shorts, long pants or skirts with collared shirts. Conservative colors are always in style, but bright colors and patterns are acceptable, too. Golf skirts come in various lengths and styles, and athletic skorts—part skirt, part shorts, –are also acceptable at most courses. Women prefer the clothing to be athletic, yet feminine, but not boring. Some of the more exclusive clubs require women to wear knee length skirts, so it is important to check the dress code first.

Both men and women golfers will need some handy accessories to complete their look on the fairway. A hat or a visor is a must to protect the head from hours of sunshine, and sunscreen, while not necessarily an accessory, is something many golfers use for protection. Sunglasses protect from glare and offer better visibility, belts, golf gloves and socks are useful, too. Golf shoes, with rough souls, help the golfer to grip the grass while teeing off. These shoes are favored over the old metal golf spikes which chew up the greens. The shoes come in a variety of styles, too, from the plain to the colorful. Once again, if you are going to invest in golf clothing, you may want to check with the course to see the type of shoes they allow and recommend.

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There are golfers who stand out not just for their skill on the greens, but for their clothing, as well. Payne Stewart was an American golfer known for his throwback style, opting for newsboy caps and knickers, had a style all his own. He was known for his colors and patterns, but also for his nod to golf’s classic looks of yesteryear. Modern players like Rickie Fowler, who dresses in head to toe neon colors, and Paula Creamer, whose pink clothing even includes pink golf balls, and even legend Gary Player is known as the Black Knight for his all black attire. These players and others stand out from the crowd, not only for their play but for their presence. John Daly, the larger than life big hitter, wears outrageous colors and patterns together, but people certainly know who he is when he steps onto a fairway.

Then there are the players who are known for their signature accessories, or special clothing. Tiger Woods always wears a red shirt on Sundays, Sam Snead is remembered for his straw hats, and Tommy Gainey earned the nickname “Tommy Two Gloves” for wearing not just one golf glove, but two. Some golfers have even turned their signature into a golf brand, like Greg Norman and his shark motif. While you may never be in the ranks with these players, you can always find your signature look to emerge from the masses.