The Extremists: Part 1 (Extreme Sports Documentary) – Real Stories

The Extremists: Part 1 (Extreme Sports Documentary) – Real Stories

The Extremists: Part 1 (Extreme Sports Documentary) – Real Stories

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A popular documentary series about people pushing their bodies and minds to the limits of risk and endurance – for thrills, for faith, for enlightenment and for the hell of it

Part philosophical quest, part celebration of human nature, the series is an authored journey through risk-taking, probing the insider’s view of the most extreme daring challenges. The extreme sports featured include freestyle motocross, cliff diving, base-jumping, waterfall kayaking, snowboarding, No Rules Fighting and skateboarding.

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  1. Wow… ghetto bastards kids are extreme athletes. Jumping on trains is a majestic feat of advanced physical prowess. I see Olympic gold in the future. 19:07: stay off the spice kids.

  2. What’s the difference between passengers on the roof of trains in India or Africa. They also know the risks but don’t hang out in gangs

  3. Mad Mike Jones is now 51. In the video they say he is 37 which means this interview is from 2003.

  4. 12:06 – pathetic little boys trying to be tough and telling the world they are “victims”.
    13:46 – 14:04 – basically they were little bastards who loved bugging others and are now pretending they went to the “school of had knocks”

  5. The attention whoreing is so pathetic. They want positive attention but do nothing meaningful for the world. It’s just pure narcissism. Boring.

  6. Even if we do not see it in `our` time- we need to Stop playing God and enjoy the life we have been given in the best way possible. In long or short, in sickness or health, no matter our fiat our life has been a gift.

  7. CGB? Riiigghhtt. They’re missing the letter, “S” for stupid. I guess do this type of thing if you got nothing going for you in life or if you can’t get a gf? Idk..

  8. I wonder how many athletes were nominated for a Darwin Award during the making of this documentary…..

  9. They would be out of business if it wasn’t for people paying for admission to watch someone potentially get injured or killed.

  10. Why do these people not apply their time and energies to helping and serving their fellow men & women?
    If they did they would be truly courageous and doing something of value that would also set a great example for others and leave them a wonderful legacy. Instead they waste their lives in a selfish pursuit that only screams vanity to the world. They can also put people who sometimes have to rescue them in danger, they need to grow up.

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