Top 10 EXTREME Sports Games!

Top 10 EXTREME Sports Games!

Top 10 EXTREME Sports Games!

What are the best of the best EXTREME sports games out there? We have the definitive answer!

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Writer/Chooser-of-Order: Shaun Bolen @ShaunBolen
Voice over – Nick Cramer @THENervousNick
Editor: Gerardo Mejia @HybridRain


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  1. I do so wish Blitzball were a real thing. I doubt it could be considered an extreme sport, though. Most of the extreme sports I know of aren’t really team sports like Blitzball, which is basically underwater rugby/soccer.

  2. Atv off road fury 3, skate 2, thps 3, thug, mx vs atv unleashed, ssx tricky, DH domination in no particular order are my favorite.. But we need some new actual good extreme sport games!!

  3. Really no 2xtreme Jet Moto 2 excite truck demolition derby? Even the original excite bike come on man half of y’all list is junk compared to the pioneers of xtreme

  4. I told all of my SSX Tricky fanboyfriend, that SSX3 is the ultimate one! thx for your choice!

  5. How about Trackmania? I know it’s way too late to add it to the list, but it’s still super shiny and cool.

  6. Why not instead of Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, how about Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2X for the original Xbox. It has all the same features from THPS2 (Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2) and more. 4-Player co-op, an expanded soundtrack, and the ability to create a a a a Female Skater! Whats better? Exactly.

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