Traxxas Bandit Extreme Sports Buggy

Traxxas Bandit Extreme Sports Buggy

Traxxas Bandit Extreme Sports Buggy

Bandit lays down the law on durable, budget-friendly fun. Capable of all-terrain fun, in any condition, Bandit puts down the power with the Titan 12-turn motor and waterproof XL-5 electronic speed control. All-weather ready electronics keep the fun running even through wet conditions. Pull the trigger and see why Bandit blazes its own trail.

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  1. Omg Roman I love ur videos and if I win ur giveaway I would never be able to stop smiling. I would name that car the Roman and ur videos are the I love ur vids. Roman soldiers baby!!!!!!!! Please pick me for the giveaway it would help my channel so much and make my day. My bandit is 7 years old so it’s not at its best so I need a new car. Please

  2. So cool pls pick me it will be awesome and make me happy for like ever till I die but u get the point-Roman soldier

  3. romanatwood I really want one RC car please hook me up with one I love you videos and Traxxas you and them are the best

  4. i have one traxxas bandit…
    i put both side long suspension arms # 3655 to bandit from # 2750R…
    look much better # 3655 than short suspension arms # 2750R

  5. I love the part were It does That big jump and the nose is pitched up it would help if the thing had air control

  6. Im getting this rc in a few months and i was wondering if it is fully water -proof, which means if i can use it in snow and water?

  7. I work all night and in the morning and afternoon I’m a full time dad I try and find time to pull it my ecx torment with my 4 year old son he diggs this stuff to don’t know what’s happened to my RC but it don’t run no more think my motor burnt .I’m a big traxxas fan just ant got the extra funds for something with performance like DAT pluse my wife would kill me lol

  8. You guys should do a video on how professional drive rcs and how to get used to certain vehicles

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