Volcano Boarding: the New Extreme Sport

Volcano Boarding: the New Extreme Sport

Volcano Boarding: the New Extreme Sport

Adventure journalist Zoltan Istvan pioneers and popularizes the extreme sport of volcano boarding while on assignment for the National Geographic Channel in the South Pacific. Created by Zoltan Istvan of Istvan Media for National Geographic Channel. www.volcanoboarding.org

  1. Zoltan come to my country and try our Volcano Boarding, since 2001 I am doing it maybe you would love it.

  2. So nobody else was here hoping to see dude in a full, reflective heat suit, riding a gnarly lava flow?

  3. I never even thought about it, but the ash would actually be softer than snow, and couldn’t freeze. It’d be the best thing for your board’s longevity! of course it’d be dirty, but fun as HELL!

  4. And this guy’s running for POTUS in 2016! Bet he’s the only candidate that’s done this!

  5. Zoltan be like “dude, I want immortality and shit but first I’ll do some volcano boarding”.

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